Grace Financial provides investors with competitive interest rates on investments that contribute to the work of the Charis Fellowship.

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An investment with Grace Financial is also an investment in the greater Kingdom work of Charis Fellowship churches and ministries. Review our Prospectus and download an application to get started.


Care for your money well, share in Kingdom ministry efforts.

For over sixty years, Grace Financial has delivered competitive returns for our demand investment holders. These investment funds have enabled us to provide affordable mortgage financing to growing churches, ministries and schools in the Charis Fellowship.

We focus on conservative and ministry-minded investments to earn our investors a competitive interest rate. Our current interest rate on demand investments up to $100,000 accrues daily at 3.50%* annually (3.56% APY), compounded monthly. Demand investments over $100,000 accrue daily at 3.75% annually (3.82% APY), compounded monthly.

*Rate subject to change pursuant to the terms set forth in Grace Financial’s Prospectus. All approved rate changes will be communicated here at least 10 days in advance.


Are you or your organization affiliated with the Charis Fellowship, and are you a United States citizen?

Are you interested in a conservative, long-term investment that earns a competitive rate of return?

Would you like to use your financial stewardship to benefit the work of Charis Fellowship churches and ministries?

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Why invest with Grace Financial?

Your investment makes an impact

As followers of Christ, we are stewards of everything entrusted to our care, including our financial resources. Since 1955, investments with Grace Financial have provided affordable mortgage financing for hundreds of growing ministry organizations in the Charis Fellowship across the United States and Canada.

We make investing simple

You’ll earn interest compounded monthly from the day of investment to the day of redemption. Online access is available including the ability to make electronic transactions and receive eStatements. You may add to, or request that funds be returned from your investment at any time. Quarterly statements are provided detailing the activity in your investment.

We are your resource for financial stewardship

Your investment makes even more ministry happen! Did you know that Grace Financial invests a significant portion of its earnings to promote church planting and leadership development? You can be confident that your investment not only provides financing for churches, but also fuels new churches and future leaders.

How to invest with Grace Financial


Download our current Prospectus

Access our current Prospectus and review the information. A hard copy can be mailed upon request.

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Complete the application

Download the demand investment application from our website. The application can be completed on your computer, printed and signed. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have. A hard copy can be mailed upon request.

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Fund your investment

Send the completed application to our office with an initial purchase of at least $25.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a demand investment?

A demand investment is a promissory note that allows the investor to add funds or request a full or partial redemption at any time.

How do I know if I’m affiliated with the Charis Fellowship?

You are affiliated if, prior to receiving a copy of the Prospectus, you are a member/attender of, or a contributor to a Charis Fellowship church, or otherwise associated with the Fellowship. You may also be in any program, activity or organization which constitutes a part of the Fellowship.

Can I receive eStatements?

We would love to have you join the growing number of investors who have signed up for eStatements. Please log on to your investment and choose eStatements from the homepage or contact us for assistance.

Are the purchase and redemption forms available online?

We would be happy to send the form(s) you request. Did you know that you can also make transactions online?

Can I name a payable on death beneficiary for my investment?

Absolutely! Please contact our office for this form.

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Are you interested in opening an investment? Simply click the button below to download an application. If you have questions or wish to speak with us about investing with Grace Financial, please contact us at 574-267-5161 or send us an email