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Grace Financial can help support and accelerate your ministry with easy, accessible financing that offers competitive rates and terms.

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Accessible financing for Charis churches and ministries

At Grace Financial, we are passionately committed to God’s mission for the Charis Fellowship. We exist to unite its churches, ministries, leaders and individuals in a common mission to bring the Gospel of Christ into communities across North America.

We manage investment funds to generate a source of mortgage financing for Charis churches, ministries and schools that is often more affordable and accessible than financing available from a commercial bank.


Loans are available for church building and ministry facility projects including the purchase of land, construction, expansion and renovations

Smaller loans for capital items such as parking lots and roofs, A/V equipment, HVAC systems, furnishings and worship instruments

Revolving Line of Credit Loans to support urgent cash needs and bridge funding, particularly for organizations who see revenue/giving come in periodic cycles, such as tuition for schools


Why borrow with Grace Financial?

We make financing easy

Grace Financial removes obstacles that churches and ministries can encounter with financing from commercial banks. We offer competitive rates and terms with no application or processing fees. We will always seek to minimize avoidable costs while ensuring the church or ministry is protected in the purchase or construction process.

We understand ministry

We share your passion for the Kingdom, and we understand your challenges. Our staff contributes to your team by providing a unique blend of financial expertise and ministry knowledge. You’ll have access to consultation and advice for all your financial needs beginning with the strategic planning of the project, and continued partnership through project completion.

We give back

We strive to excel in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7). Grace Financial makes goodwill contributions from our net earnings towards church planting and leadership development within the Charis Fellowship. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of what we do, and we enthusiastically encourage others to join us in supporting the health and growth of Charis ministries.

How to acquire a loan?



Begin by setting a plan for your project and the related funding strategy. This step is usually the responsibility of your leadership team or a planning committee. If you need assistance, we would be happy to provide any support we can to guide you through this stage of the process. Contact us to arrange a consultation.




We will start the application process once you have established the specifics of the project, including the completion of any required funding (e.g. capital campaign, obtaining required down payment or shared investments), project costing, building application, etc. These project-specific considerations will be used to complete your loan application.


Approval and Closing

The Grace Financial management team will review the application for approval. Upon approval, you will receive a letter formally notifying you of the loan commitment which can be used to support the completion of offers/contracts as applicable. After approval, final arrangements are made for closing including the engagement of a closing agent as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Grace Financial lend to?

Grace Financial was created to provide financial resources to the churches and organizations within the Charis Fellowship. Beyond churches, this could include camps, schools and a variety of ministries that serve in conjunction with the Charis Fellowship. Although limited in what we can offer, we are happy to discuss options to support like-minded churches that are not members of the Charis Fellowship.

What types of loans will Grace Financial offer?

Grace Financial offers churches and organizations a variety of term loans including construction loans, refinancing loans, property purchase loans as well as line of credit loans. (Unfortunately, Grace Financial does not offer loans to individuals). If you have any questions on the specific details regarding what loans we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

We have begun discussing a potential building project, when should we reach out to Grace Financial?

This is a great question! At Grace Financial, it is our desire to partner with you to see your projects through from start to finish. We understand that the key to a successful project begins long before the church or organization is ready to sign the loan paperwork. Whether you are looking for a loan, or looking to understand when to start preparing for a capital campaign for a project five years from now, we are happy to make ourselves available! Better yet, Grace Financial never charges a fee for these activities, whether you have a loan with us or not!

What loan rates does Grace Financial offer?

Loan rates available are determined based on a combination of factors, including market interest rates and loan-specific considerations such as loan to value, debt service ratio and other metrics that are designed to assess financial health.

What fees does Grace Financial charge?

Grace Financial does not charge points, origination fees or prepayment penalties. The only expenses that you should expect are the fees charged by third parties associated with the issuance of the loan and related security filings, as applicable. Any real costs associated with the issuance of the loan are the responsibility of the loan applicant, and will be passed through at close without any additional cost or mark up from Grace Financial.

Will Grace Financial provide loan funding for New Churches?

Grace Financial will provide loan funding in a variety of circumstances including new churches and/or church relaunches. In addition to the standard financial metrics which are reviewed, the age and health of the church will have a certain level of consideration which could impact the required security and/or the amount of the loan which may be approved. If you have any questions regarding the availability of funding to your church or organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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